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Million Money Review and Registration Procedure

In this blogpost, i'm going to do a detailed Million Money Review and also show you the Million Money Registration Procedure. But First, What is Million Money? Million Money Ethereum is a DApp, decentralized App deployed on the Ethereum block chain and make you money based on a certain algorithm that shares the revenue to the members of the project. Click Here For Million Money Sign up  Some Cool Features of the Million Money Project 1. It's a decentralized App so no one can stop it. 2. Signup fee is relatively low and anyone can afford it, you can google "0.03 Eth to Naira" to know the current sign up fee amount in Naira. 3. The concept is so simple, it's all about Crowdfunding. 4. Every Contract renews after every 100 days, so you continue to earn over and over again. 5. All your downlines follows you in your matrix, so when your matrix renews, your downline's also renews 6. Ethereum prices can increase astronomically and this can make your