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How To Download YouTube Video on Android Phone

How To Download YouTube Video on Android Phone Click on link Then install the android app on your mobile phone. Once installed, this is how to download youtube video on android phone. Open the app you just installed, then type your keywords into the search bar. like if you want to download funny videos on your phone, your search term will be "funny videos" once you have done that, you will see videos from youtube that you can down and beside each video, there will be a download arrow. Once you click on the read arrow, it will take you to a page where you can choose the video quality you intend to download and the sizes in MB. Click on download video and wait for your download to finish. That is the exact steps i have shown you in this video of how to download youtube video on android phone. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Subscribe to may channel if you have not done so already. Like this video, share this video and drop comments. Let me kno

Recharge and get paid how does it works

Recharge and get paid how it works video. To register, use referral id: bissy247 Recharge and get paid how it work This how recharge and get paid work, you register with a one time fee of between 5,000 nair a to 100,000 naira depending on the plan you intended to start with. Then you do your personal recharges of airtime through the ragp platform. You invite others to the ragp platform and also make money. There are basically 3 ways you can make money on ragp. using the products, selling the products and recommending others to the ragp platform.

The Ultimate guide to Palmpay Nigeria

Palmpay Nigeria is a Money app that rewards you for your transactions Click to download If the App request for invitation code, use Q64D65 This App is a very good fintech app you can use for your airtime recharges and earn 10% commissions and also get rewarded with palmpay points. For data subscription through the palmpay Nigeria App, you will get 5% commission and also you will be rewarded with points. How does palmpay Nigeria works? You download the fintech App and register. After that you connect a means of payment like a debit card and you will be charged 10Naira only which also will be credited to your palmpay app wallet. Once your account is funded you can start sending money, airtime, data, pay your utility bills and earn rewards. For each transaction, you will earn rewards inform of points and this can be used for your next transaction on the palmpay Nigeria App. Once you have gathered some palmpay points, for your next rech


Mlm Gateway Review. Click on link below This video is all about Mlm gateway review. I found the mlm gateway while looking for how to get mlm leads and grow my network marketing opportunities. Since i found this mlm lead website, i have see a dramatic boost in my earnings and my team is growing so fast. Mlm gateway has a whole lot of lead prospecting tools that i use. You can join Mlm gate way as a free members but to be able to get plenty leads and increase your earnings, you either upgrade to pro membership or just by credit unit for specific tools you will like to use. click on the link below to join Mlm gate way and start getting hot mlm leads daily. Some of the ways to get mlm leads which i talked about in this review video includes 1. Partnership request. You can message other members of the mlm gateway and present your opportunities to them. Most of the memebrs on mlm gateway are either network marketing professionals or thsoe


NNU Forum Review, Click link for details The nnu forum was launched in Aug 2019 by the same admin of nnu income Paul Samson. He said the nnu forum v2 which is the version 2 of the nnu income was launched to correct all the mistakes made in the version 1. I have being watching the nnu v2 closely and as you can see i have earned more than 9,000 naira in the first week. Some of the improvement i have noticed and talked about in this nnu forum review video includes automatic conversion of activities earnings to wallet and ready for withdrawal. Also another improvement in nnu v2 over and above the nnu v1 is the payment to members without referrals. Like i said in the nnu forum review video, i don't know how long this will continue and anybody that want to enjoy being paid without referrals should join now before it's too late. How to join nnu forum. To register and account on nnu forum, click on the link below https://nnufo