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How Fear of Failure is Limiting Your Success in Life and Business?

The fear of failure has made most people not achieve their dreams in life. But the truth is most successful people are people that have failed continuously in life but never gave up until they achieve success. Failure sometimes is what most people need to launch them into success they desired but when they remain in their comfort zone and not willing to take risks, how then can they be successful? Failure is not the end of life, most people have failed before and they never died because of their failure so what is it that you fear so much? You think you are not smart enough, not good enough, not capable enough to succeed? There are 2 roads in life, the one that is most traveled by people and leads to scarcity. not enough money, not enough opportunity, not enough time etc. Then the road that leads to abundance but fear of failure mounts a roadblock so that you can never reach where you are going in life. The road to abundance is usually not easy to follow for most people but those that

Why Focus is important for success in Online Business

Making money Online is easy when you are focused and have a working strategy! But because of individual differences, it's very difficult to know what a person will do to make money online. In this blog post, we will look at why focus is important for success in online business. I see some guys online on social media sites, when somebody post on how to make money with bitcoin they comment info. For every bitcoin program they comment info. When they see post on ICOs, they comment info. For posts on Fiverr and freelancing they comment info When they see posts on google adsense they comment info. Year in year out, they comment info and never take action on any program. When they even try to take action, next week when they see double your bitcoin in 3hrs they quickly dump what they have being working on the previous week and comment info. Next week again, they see post on how some guys are making money with forex, they dump their last program and comment info for forex again. Anot

How To Make Money From Sport Betting in Nigeria

Sports betting have been tagged by most people as being highly risky to get involved but it is not so when you know how to stake and tend not to be greedy; in fact the gain is far more higher than the risk involved. For those that are new, this is how to make money from sport betting in Nigeria. Even though just one blog post can not show you exactly all you need to know to make money with sport betting in Nigeria, i will try to make this as detailed as possible. Pls Can U Teach Me How To Play Nairabet Here As A Beginner? av been watching people playing it wit keen interest but i dont know how to go abt it while those av met hav nt been willing  to freely share d idea wit me. i know d prediction is based on d outcome of futball matches and i think am also conversant wit  how teams perform in some of big european futball leagues. pls can u help to share wit me how to go abt it and i will also lik  to know d do's and dont's of it so as to minimise loss. then what pro