Earnrealpay Review: How To Earn 4,000 to 12,000 Daily with Earnrealpay Affiliate Program

Earnrealpay is online business that makes it possible for Subcribers to turn 5,500 naira yearly subscrption fee to 470,000 naira monthly earnings paid directly to subscribers bank account. Because of this huge earning claim, what comes to the mind of most people is, is earnrealpay genuine?

Earnrealpay is genuine, legit and scam free. Lot of people have benefited and are benefiting from the program. What you need to make money with earnrealpay is your zeal, willingness and determination to make money online, internet enable device such as android phones, laptops, ipad etc, startup fee of 5,500naira and ability to follow a proven easy step by step guide.

What existing subscribers say about earnrealpay, is it legit or scam?

"I was paid severally the idea has no means in which scam could come in i wonder why a normal human being would ever think its a scam" Halimatu

What is earnrealpay.net?
Earnrealpay is an initiative of JPERP International Company and It has offices both in Nigeria and the USA. The company has it's phone numbers available on the website both Nigeria and USA Offices so that subscribers can be able to contact them any time. With the earnrealpay, people can work at home at get paid nice commissions daily. Whether you are a house wife, student and workers looking for how to make extra income online, earnrealpay affiliate program is a very good option you should consider because, you will get paid daily and directly to your bank account.

How does earnrealpay.net works?
Earnrealpay is a subscription based affiliate program that pays mouth watering affiliate commissions.
Apart from the commission payments that goes directly to the bank account of affiliates, subscribers
will have access to alot of valuable softwares and infos which is worth more than the 5,500naira yearly subscription fee.

Incase you have being thinking how do i make money online with the earnrealpay?
To make money with earnrealpay is quite easy because most of the hardwork has already been done for you already! After the initial payment of your subscription fee on the earnrealpay platform, you will have access to a powerful done for you marketing system. Your daily task is just to follow the step by step guide and share the pre written posts daily. For every new subscribers that joins the earnrealpay program through your marketing effort, you will be rewarded with an handsome commission of 4,000 naira each.

Assuming you do your daily tasks and you are able to refer just 2 new subscribers daily, you will be paid N4,000 x 2 = N8,000 directly to your bank account.

If you do this consistently for a month, you will be paid N8,000 x 30 Days = 240,000 Naira.

This is not the maximum amount you can earn on earnrealpay but just an illustration of the earning potential of the program. Most affiliates will earn more than this is when they implement all what they have learnt from the earnrealpay affiliate program.

The best part of earnrealpay affiliate program, which most other programs don't do is the automatic
followup of prospects. When you do your daily tasks, you will get signups but most people just stops at that. earnrealpay will take it up from there and followup with your prospects for you. They will mail them from time to time until they become subscribers in the program and you get paid.

Earnrealpay Compensation Plan.
The earnrealpay compensation plan is based on an affiliate reward system in which affiliates are paid 4,000 naira per referred subscriber. Affiliates can earn recurring commission yearly because the 5,500 naira is just for a year. After the subscription of your referral expired, you as the upline will get paid another 4,000 naira if such referral decide to renew his/her subscription the following year.

If you are an online marketer, affiliate marketer or network marketer and have existing website or program you currently promote, what you will learn in earnrealpay affilaite program can be implemented on all other programs to multiply your earnings.

Other benefits of Joining Earnrealpay.net

1. Free Instant access to traffic pump, that will send traffic to your websites or offers in 15minutes
2. Free access to how to get loan to start your business
3. Free access to how to open a paypal account in Nigeria
4. Free access to the powerful marketing system and daily task
5. free acces to expensive softwares
6. Free access to scholarship information and much more

How To Join The Earnrealpay.
1. Click here to register, then click on signup
2. Fill the form with your info, make sure your sponsor details is correct
Sponsor name: Oladiti Dayo
Sponsor email: dnajeem1@gmail.com  and click on next.
3. On the next page, fill your Bank Account info and click next, it's required for you to get paid.
4. On the next page, fill email and GSM number for notification and click next
5. On the next page fill the personal details required and click next until you will get to the pre payment page.
6. On the prepayment instruction page, tick i have read & agreed to term and condition and click next
7. On the Bank Deposit page, you will see the company's account number and the instruction on how to pay.
8. Follow the instruction and pay the required amount. Then open a support tick to upload your proof of payment.
Once you make payment, wait for about 72 hours for your account to be activated.  As soon as your earnrealpay account is activated, you will get notification email telling you what to do next.

Login to your account and start the daily task to get paid daily.

Click here to contact me on whatsapp for more info.

Earnrealpay Payment Proof.

This is real proof of payment from the earnrealpay program and this is to show you that the program is not scam but paying and legit.


Click Here to Join Earnrealpay or Click here to see our No 1 recommended way to make money online in Nigeria


  1. Thank you for the information. I registered for the program but they are asking me for refeewref number. Please how do I get it?

  2. Pls i have paid the 5,500 and have submitted evidence yesterday o what next p

  3. Is it compulsory one must have a sponsor to be properly registered and have his/her account activated?

  4. Those this affiliate program have an MLM (tree)structure where by as your downlines grow, your earnings increase?

  5. Here's one direct link for registration MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NIGERIA EARNREALPAY
    Instead of using that 5,500 naira carelessly, invest it and earn up to 400,000 naira in just a month.

    1. Hello jaden hart
      Is the pprogram real are rilly paying. Without me reffer to people is their any or daily taskon it iI can earn money from this stuff

  6. I can only earn money when I refer some one and the person joins.that the only method to make money, aside the order benefits

  7. I can only earn money when I refer some one and the person joins.that the only method to make money, aside the order benefits


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