NNU income Program

How To Do Nnu.ng Registration and Fast Account Activation with NNU Income Coupon Codes

For some time now NNU.ng Registration and Account activation has not been fast enough
leaving alot of  nnu income prospects frustrated. But there seems to be a light at then end of the tunnel atlast with the introduction of  nnu.ng registration coupon codes.

This is a very big relief for nnu income prospect and you can now register and activate your nnu income account at the speed of light with the nnu.g registration coupon codes.
So no more waiting forever for your account to be activated!

So how can one register for the nnu income with the nnu.ng registration coupon codes?

The first thing you have to do is get your nnu income coupon code from the approved agents/distributors.

So how do you get the nnu.ng registration coupon code?

There are designated nnu coupon codes distributors that the admin, Paul Samson has given licence to
sell coupon codes to members that need such for registration.

The cost of the nnu.ng registration coupon code is just N1,600 so nobody should pay any agent/distributor more than that.

Below is a list of  the agents/distributors of nnu.ng registration coupon codes so you can buy directly from them and come back here to complete your nnu income registration.

NNU.ng Registration Coupon Codes Agents

1. Williams Johnson,  Call/Whatsapp 08166169415
2. De Prince Siaky,  Call/Whatsapp 08063473633
3. Cmr Efekodo Jeremiah, Call/Whatsapp 07032431952
4. Abigail Oni, Call/Whatsapp 08035461474,08050643304
5. Moses Olamide, Call/Whatsapp 08176361051
6. Kingzplanet Effiom, Call/Whatsapp   08129418222
7. John Adewale, Call/Whatsapp   08033702226
8. Segun Adegbite, Call/Whatsapp   09074577191

Once you get your coupon codes, the follow the steps below to complete your registration and start earning on NNU income.

1.Click here to start your nnu.ng registration

2. Then clcik on Register Now
3. where you see have a coupon code? Click here to enter your couponcode
4. enter your coupon code and click apply Coupon
5. Fill the form with you info for registration
6. Scroll down and tick i'v read and accept terms and condition
7. Then click on make payment.

Your account will be activated immediatley once you put the correct nnu.ng registration coupon code.

I wish you happy earning on the nnu income program.
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