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NNU Income Program: How To Make 1,000 Naira or More Daily Online Reading News on NNU News

NNU Income Program is the best get paid to read news platform in Nigeria that is helping the Youths to earn 50,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira extra monthly income. Alot of low income earners in Nigerian seeking online opportunities to earn extra income are now smiling to the bank at the end of the month because they now get double alerts. One from their normal job and the second one from NNU income.

NNU income is the first of it's kind in Nigeria and the leading get paid to read news website. It currently has over 500,000 members and has paid out to members more than 400million Naira in earnings. Few years ago, nobody would have thought of this awesome concept of getting paid to read news online in Nigeria. But Paul Samson CEO of G-cyber Technologies Limited, the creative online entrepreneur from Nigerian and a professional web developer come up with this concept to help Nigerian Youths to escape from poverty.

 What NNU income does exactly for the Youth in Nigeria is not just the earn…

Best way to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria with low IELTS Score

Best way to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria with low IELTS score.

In this video, I show an expertnaire products called ultimate guide to moving into Canada with low IELTS score. This is the best way to immigrate to Canada. The program is a pilot program and you don't need any work experience or proof of fund to get into Canada through this pilot program.

However, you need to work for 2 years either as a a child care giver or home support worker for 2 years after which you can change career and apply for permanent residency.

What is included in this cheapest way to immigrate to Canada 2019 training?

This best way to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria is worth more than $2000 the travel consultant will charge you and they will not even offer you half of the value you will get from this training. In the training, the immigration process into canada is covered in details.

1. You will get to know how to apply for job in Canada, how to use linked in properly, how to …

Easiest Ways to ship cars into Nigeria

Easiest ways to ship cars into Nigeria

This is an expernaire product on how to cut cost car importation blueprint.

By laying your hands on this product, you will know exactly how to buy used cars from the us and import to Nigeria.

For example a ford edge 2010 model was shipped into Nigeria for a total cost of 2.7million naira while the market price is 3.5 Million saving a total of about 800,000 Naira.

Imagine how happy you would be being able to make this kind of saving and also getting your dream car.

That is what this easiest way to ship cars into Nigeria is all about.

Other examples includes, Toyota Matrix 2005 shipped for 1.37Million naira while the market price is 1.7million naira.

Lexus Es-350 shipped for 2.95 Million naira while the market price is 3.5 Million naira.

This is exactly what you will learn to do by yourself using your mobile phone from the comfort of your home through this easiest way to ship cars into Nigeria importation blueprint.

How does th…

How to get 2 Years Non immigrant Us Visa Application Guide for Nigerians

Get approved for your 2 years non immigrant us visa application. Click on the link below to get us visa guide

Let me ask you some questions, do you want to travel to the us with paying exorbitant amount of money to travel agents?

If yes getting the 3 way us visa insider code is a guaranteed way to get your us visa application approved without any delays.

The reason why most people fail the visa application interview is because they don't know the right answers the questions the consulate will be asking them

When you lay your hands on the us visa guide, you will know how to fill your us visa application form ds-160 correctly and how to prepare for the interview correctly and how to answer their questions and get your visa stamped.

Are there people using this secrets and getting results already?


This is what Mr Gbenga a Financial Ad visor from Lagos has to say abou the us visa guide

" I had the opportunity of getting your book and I was able…

How to join nnu forum and make 50,000 naira extra income monthly

How to join nnu forum, click on the link below and follow the step by step guide as shown in the video.

The nnu forum was launched in august 2019 and since then a lot of members has being making money through the affiliate program and activities earnings.

The program is paying members without referrals and that has made a lot of people to be interested in having an account so looking for how to join nnu forum so that they don't make mistakes with the account creation process.

The first step for you to join the nnu forum is getting the referral link of the person inviting you to the nnu forum.
I have put the nnu referral link up in this description so you just click on it and create your account.

Once you have clicked on the link above, then follow the steps on how to join nnu forum. You enter your first name, last name, email, phone number, referral, username, password.

You then choose your payment method as paystack and you will be able to p…

Expertnaire Review and how to get 20,000 Naira worth of bonus

Expertnaire Review Have you ever wanted to make money online promoting affiliate products in Nigeria? May be you have tried clickbank, warrior plus, jvzoo etc but you can not take full advantage of those websites because you don't have PayPal account. Expertnaire is here to solve all of that! In this expertnaire review, I will show you how it works and how to get your 2 years membership free. The expertnaire is an affiliate product market place that is redefining affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Through this website, expert can showcase their products and affiliate markets will promote and make commission from any sale generated. Expertnaire is not a free website, because membership requires you to pay a 10,000 Naira yearly but I will show you how to get 2 years membership free. By joining the 72 hours income generator by toyin omotoso, you will lay your hands on secrets gurus are using to rake in more than 400 Naira monthly. I call it a …

How to make money online in Nigeria 2019 with 72 hour income generator

How to make money online in Nigeria 2019 with 72 hour income generator Click to watch full video. In this video, you are going to discover a 7 steps no fail income generating system you can use to make atleast 400,000 naira monthly. The easiest way to make money online in nigeria 2019 is by getting a mentor that can take your hands and show you exactly what you should do to make money online. That is what this video will do for you. show you how to make money online in nigeria 2019 with the 72 hour income generator. You will learn everything about affiliate marketing in nigeria. You don't need to create your own products, you will discover an an amazing affiliate network in nigeria called expernaire. What hot products you can choose from the market place, how to promote those expertnaire products and make commission of 15,000 naira or more per sale. Everything you need to know will be shown to you without holding any details back. These a…

Recharge and get paid presentation: How it works & How to Register and m...

Recharge and get paid presentation explains all you need to know about the telecom biz Recharge and get paid Nigeria limited is a network marketing company where members share profit daily from airtime recharges and new agents signups. In this recharge and get paid presentation, you will discover how to make money by joining the recharge and get paid telecom business. There are lot of recharge and get paid testimonies online and all these are real. In the recharge and get paid presentation, the compensation plan of recharge and get paid (ragp) is explained in details so that can know what your recharge commissions will be when you do vtu recharges for airtime & data of glo, airtel, 9mobile, mtn. Also when you do VTU for dstv, startimes, gotv and pay your nepa bill through the ragp vtu platform. for recharge and get paid registration, click on the link below use referral id: bissy247 After regis…

Payobilz Auto Referral : How it works & Registration Guide

Payobilz auto referral income program is a legit business you can start with just 1,000 naira and earn 24,000 naira or more weekly This is how payobilz works You join with a one time 1000 naira and earn automatically from the 2 levels matrix. On level 1, you will earn 800 naira from 5 members and your total level 1 earning will be 4,000 naira. You will upgrade to level 2 by paying 1,600 naira and you will start earning 1,000 naira automatically from 20 members. Total level 2 earnings is 20,000 naira. The program is auto referral and for you to qualify to receive free referrals from the admin, you will need to submit your payobilz referral URL after you complete your registration. Apart from the money you will earn on payobilz, you will have access to sign up bonuses worth more than 15,000 Naira which you can download on your mobile phone or computer. How to do payobilz registration Payobilz registration is in 3steps. 1. Filling the reg…

How To Download YouTube Video on Android Phone

How To Download YouTube Video on Android Phone Click on link Then install the android app on your mobile phone. Once installed, this is how to download youtube video on android phone. Open the app you just installed, then type your keywords into the search bar. like if you want to download funny videos on your phone, your search term will be "funny videos" once you have done that, you will see videos from youtube that you can down and beside each video, there will be a download arrow. Once you click on the read arrow, it will take you to a page where you can choose the video quality you intend to download and the sizes in MB. Click on download video and wait for your download to finish. That is the exact steps i have shown you in this video of how to download youtube video on android phone. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Subscribe to may channel if you have not done so already. Like this video, share this video and drop comments. Let me know i…

Recharge and get paid how does it works

Recharge and get paid how it works video. To register, use referral id: bissy247 Recharge and get paid how it work This how recharge and get paid work, you register with a one time fee of between 5,000 nair a to 100,000 naira depending on the plan you intended to start with. Then you do your personal recharges of airtime through the ragp platform. You invite others to the ragp platform and also make money. There are basically 3 ways you can make money on ragp. using the products, selling the products and recommending others to the ragp platform.