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NNU Income Program: How To Make 1,000 Naira or More Daily Online Reading News on NNU News

NNU Income Program is the best get paid to read news platform in Nigeria that is helping the Youths to earn 50,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira extra monthly income. Alot of low income earners in Nigerian seeking online opportunities to earn extra income are now smiling to the bank at the end of the month because they now get double alerts. One from their normal job and the second one from NNU income.

NNU income is the first of it's kind in Nigeria and the leading get paid to read news website. It currently has over 500,000 members and has paid out to members more than 400million Naira in earnings. Few years ago, nobody would have thought of this awesome concept of getting paid to read news online in Nigeria. But Paul Samson CEO of G-cyber Technologies Limited, the creative online entrepreneur from Nigerian and a professional web developer come up with this concept to help Nigerian Youths to escape from poverty.

 What NNU income does exactly for the Youth in Nigeria is not just the earn…

the best make money online forum in nigeria is nnu forum


Get Paid To Do Tasks Online on Viraltrend


H2i Top Up and Earn: How To Earn 1000 Naira Daily For Life with Online Airtime Recharge Biz

H2i Top up and earn is the easiest way to earn 1,000 Naira daily through online airtime recharge in Nigeria. If you are one of those familiar with H2i before, you should be wondering by now that what has h2i, Helping Hands international got to do with online airtime recharge again? As you already know, the mission of h2i helping hands international is helping and empowering people all over the world. It has helped and empowered alot of people financially here in Nigeria alone.

H2i topup and earn is the latest innovation of helping hands which will allow it's members not only in Nigeria but all over the world to do online airtime recharge with ease and also earn money. H2i topup and earn is also known as and it's the biggest telecom service provider in the whole world allowing members to do online Airtime recharge to any mobile network in the world. This is so so Huge!

By joining and participating in the h2i topup and earn, you will continue to earn forever. You …

Chateko Social Media Affiliate Program: How To Make 7,500 Naira Daily Online in Nigeria

Chateko is the latest social media platform which has an amazing affiliate program where you can make 7500 Naira daily by doing simple and easy social media tasks. This website is the facebook alternative in 2018 and you can easily get access to tons of entertaining contents on the chateko social media Platform.

You are not being paid for using Facebook Social Media right?

 Chateko social media is totally different. You will be paid for every like, comment and post.
Every of your activities on the chateko platform has a point which is automatically credited to your internal wallet.
Once you have accumulated enough points on the chateko website, you can request for withdrawal of your earnings daily and get paid directly to your bank account.
If you like to earn faster, you can share chateko with your friends and enjoy mouth watering 60% affiliate commission. For each new member that joins the Chateko Affiliate program
through you, you will be paid 1,500 Naira. If 5 people joins throu…

My Crypto Affiliate Program: How To Make Money With Bitcoin in Nigeria

My Crypto Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria. You can make form 2500 Naira (0.001btc) to 12,000 Naira (0.005btc) worth of bitcoin daily easily with the my bitcoiner and this will continue forever as long as you remain active on the program.

My bitcoiner Affiliate program is different from any other cryptocurrency affiliate program or any bitcoin earning program you have seen before. It's simply the best bitcoin affiliate program.

My bitcoiner is not a rev share program, bitcoin matrix, bitcoin faucets, bitcoin paid to click website etc but a it's a short 3 level bitcoin affiliate program which is based on some form of algorithm which makes it possible for affiliates to earn 2,500 Naira (0.001btc) Affiliate Commission  several times daily.

The Company
My was launched on May 21st 2017 and it's  based in the United States. There are no physical product to sell when you join my bitcoiner bitcoin affiliate p…

How To Start Online Business With No Money in Nigeria

If you have being searching for how to start online business with no money in Nigeria, you are in the right place. In this blog post, i will take your hand and show you step by step without holding back any useful information how start online business with no money in Nigeria.
However, it will be worthy of note that every business requires some form of capital and you will
make money onkline faster if you explore the paid option but since you are just starting out,
the free options should suffice you for now. When you make enough money with the free options,
you can then scale up your online business with the paid options.

Are you active on social medias like Facebook or twitter, you should have being seeing screenshots from different internet business opportunities. There are lot of people making money as affiliate marketers in nigeria, some with Google Adsense, some with Fiverr, Upwork and other freelancing website, some with mini importation etc
You will like to make money online …

3 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria Where Beginners Can Make 5,000 Naira Daily.

3 best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria where beginners can make 5,000 Naira Daily is going to be a very detailed guide for beginners in Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.
In this blog post, i will show you what is affiliate marketing, how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the best affiliate marketing companies, how to join affiliate marketing and make money online in Nigeria. etc

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful and legit way to make money online in Nigeria. Do you know ordinary people like you are making 5,000 Naira or more Daily online in Nigeria by selling or recommending products, program, Training etc of other people and earning cool affiliate commissions.

In affiliate marketing you don't need to own the product so it requires little capital and all you just do is promote the products/program and get paid good affiliate commission.
The commission you will earn per each referred sale is called Affiliate commission which can be 100%, 50% etc. depending on th…

Tiny Seed Cooperative Review: How To Turn 1,000 Naira into 8 Billion Naira With Tiny Seed Cooperative Society

Tiny Seed Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited is the easiest way to turn your little 1,000 Naira investment into 8 Billion Naira within Months. The Tiny seed Cooperative society is a Life Changing Cooperative Society in Nigeria where members cannot only earn weekly passive income online through the networking side of the program, but also have opportunity  to access instant loans without Collateral

As a matter of fact, a careful look at the the tiny seed Cooperative simplified compensation plan shows that you can make upto 8 billion Naira Online in Nigeria with just a little capital of 1,000 Naira. Tiny seed Cooperative is a low risk, low capital business and anyone can join the tiny seed business and easily make money online in Nigeria.

The main aim of the Tiny Seed Coop Society is to  grow a strong community of  Nigerians both men and women that have a common goal of helping each other achieve financial independence and financial success.

Even though the network marketing asp…

Kwikcash Etisalat Nigeria: Get 100,000 Naira Instant Loan Without Collateral in Less Than 10 minutes

Kwikcash Etisalat Nigeria is a life saving instant Loan Application Program offered by Etisalat Nigeria now 9 Mobile in Partnership and Support with some  Micro finance Banks. Through the Etisalat kwickcash Loan,  9 Mobile subscribers can easily get from 1,000 to 100,000 Naira instant loan without collateral by dialing a simple USSD code on their Mobile Phone and get credit alert in less than 10 minutes.
Do you need a quick or emergency Loan for Business, for Medical Bills, to pay House rent, for Auto repairs etc whatever your reason for seeking out a loan, getting it is very easy and fast with etisalat kwikcash.
The kwikcash loan is available also for Glo Subscribers. So if you don't have etisalat number, you can apply for kwikcash loan using your Glo Mobile phone number by dialing the right USSD Code.

What Are The requirement To Qualify for Kwikcash Loan
1. Have 9mobile or Glo Sim card
2. Be 18 years and above
3. Have a Bank Account with UBA, Zenith, GTB etc
4. Be able to repay …

How To Become Glo Xchange Mobile Money Agent and Bank 50,000 Naira Daily

Glo Xchange Mobile Money is an innovative product of Glo world Nigeria where Entrepreneurs can easily make 50,000 Naira daily through commission on mobile money transactions.
Have you ever been to remote Villages in Nigeria where there are no Banks and No Atm Machines? How does it feel when you need money and could not get it and have to travel several kilometre before you can get access to an Atm Machine.
Awful right? Because of the untold hardship people in rural areas face daily in carrying out monetary transactions, CBN has licenced some businesses as Mobile Money Operators. So that People in rural areas can now send and receive money with just their mobile phones.
Glo World Nigeria being an indigenous Telecommunication company in Nigeria that understands the problems of Nigerian and will continue to roll out strategic services that will make the lives of Nigerians better joined the Mobile money Operators program of CBN.
Getting a mobile money operator license is not quite easy fo…