How To Do recharge and Get Paid Registration and Make upto 20,000 Naira Daily With Airtime VTU Business

Recharge and get paid (RAGP) is a telecom business that allows its members to make 20,000 Naira or more daily through a combination of VTU Business and a Multi-level marketing business model. As a RAGP members you will start making money daily online like the banks do every time you Top up your airtime or do data subscription directly from your bank account.

The RAGP is awesome and anybody looking for a passive source of extra income will find this business very rewarding. With a low startup cost of 5,000 Naira a new member can register on the recharge and get paid Network and start making money every minute with Mtn, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel Airtime Purchases and Data Subscriptions, Dstv and Other Paytv Subscriptions, Electricity Bill and other Bill payments etc There are members that have made up to 4.5 Million Naira in 6months with RAGP VTU Business.

RAGP is a product of Recharge and get Paid Ltd and it’s a registered company in Nigeria both with NCC and CAC. The RAGP ltd is in partnership with all major Networks like Mtn, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel and Pay Tvs like Dstv, Startimes, Electricity Distribution Companies etc. Through the VTU business of RAGP, you can buy Airtime directly, do data subscription directly and Subscribe for Dstv, pay your PHCN Bill both prepaid and post paid etc. While doing this, you will have the opportunity earn certain commissions ranging from 10% to 0.36%.

Not only that, you will earn 20% instant referral commission on every member you invite to the recharge and get paid network, 2% commission from every of your personal Airtime recharges from your RAGP VTU wallet and 10% commission on your personal data subscriptions. Your RAGP VTU Business will get more interesting when you start earning unbelievable commissions every time any of your downlines perform any transaction through their Recharge and get paid VTU Wallet.
Just before we proceed to the next section on how to do recharge and get paid registration, I think we should see how recharge and get paid works. This will enable you to make an informed decision on whether to join the RAGP VTU business immediately or not.

Why would you not join this Awesome Income Opportunity? Only if you don’t know or recognise the power of passive income yet!

How Does recharge and Get Paid Works?
Recharge and get paid is a web based VTU Business and you can buy Airtime, do Data subscription, Subscribe for Dstv etc directly from your VTU wallet. Recharge and Get paid doesn’t have a mobile App yet but the website is optimized for Mobile and it’s very responsive. You can do your recharge and get paid VTU Business right on your mobile phone without any hassle.

Different Ways of Earning in Recharge and Get Paid VTU Business
1. 2% instant Commission on personal Airtime Purchase

2. 10% instant Commission on Personal Data Subscription

3. 0.36% instant Commission on Airtime Purchase of All your downlines

4. 1% instant Commission on Data Subscription of all your downlines

Different Ways of Earning in Recharge and Get Paid Affiliate Network

1. 20% instant Signup Bonus for joining the network

2. 20% direct referral bonus from every member you bring into the Network

3. 10% indirect referral bonus from your Level 2 members

4. 5% indirect referral bonus from your level 3 members

5. 2.5% indirect referral bonus from your level 4 members

6. 1.25% indirect referral bonus from your level 5 members

7. 1% indirect referral bonus from level 6 to level 10 members.

The recharge and get paid has been designed in such a way that once you are able to build a network of downlines, you will start making money every minutes through personal recharges from your VTU Wallet and that of your downlines.

Apart from the above commissions, there are other leadership bonus like cash gift of 100,000 Naira, Free Dubai Trip worth 500,000 naira, Car Bonus and House Bonus.

Also there is an instant sign up bonus of 20% of whatever package you are buying or activating.

Now let see the different packages you can start with on the recharge and get paid Network, then we quickly discuss how to do recharge and get paid registration.

There are 6 different Packages in RAGP

1. RAGP Basic with a startup cost of 5,000Naira

2. RAGP Bronze with a startup cost of 10,000Naira

3. RAGP Silver with a startup cost of 20,000Naira

4. RAGP Gold with a startup cost of 30,000Naira

5. RAGP Diamond with a startup cost of 40,000Naira

6. RAGP Platinum with a startup cost of 50,000Naira

7. RAGP Executive Platinum with a startup cost of 100,000Naira

All these RAGP Packages comes with a instant Commission of 20% as a Signup bonus.

How To Do Recharge and Get paid Registration.

1. Click here to start your recharge and Get paid Registration

2. Once on the Homepage, Click on the Yellow button JOIN NOW

3. On the next Page, enter the referral id as Omotola2
4. Fill the form with your personal details, then fill login details by choosing your username and password
5. Finally Click on NEXT Button

That is all about the recharge and get paid registration. In 2017, after doing the normal RAGP registration, you still need to do the VTU Wallet registration but after the 2018 upgrade of recharge and get paid website, you don’t need to do that anymore as your VTU Wallet is automatically integrated to your dashboard when you login.

How To Upgrade/Activate recharge and get Paid Account after Registration

1. Login to your account with your username and password, then you will see the membership registration package page.

2. Choose the Registration Package you want to start with from the drop down menu and then choose mode of payment as Paystack so that you can pay online with your atm cardand click on next.

3.This the bank details page, where you enter your bank acounts so that you can withdraw your earnings on the ragp platform directly to your bank account. select your bank from the drop down menu, select your account type from the drop down menu also, enter your account number and account name and Click next. .

4. This the payment check out page, review your order and Click on pay via Paystack. You can choose any of the following paystack options to make your paymeent; Card ( make payment with your atm card), Bank ( select your bank and follow the steps) , GTB737 ( you can use this option to pay if you have a GTB Account, Visa QR ( use the bar code on your banking app to pay)

5. Authorize the payment, you will be debited and your account will be activated.

If you prefer to activate your account through ewallet, you can't do this yourself. so you have to make payment to your uplines account and he/she will then activate for you by making payment from his/her own wallet.

You can click on the link below to contact me on whatsapp for your recharge and get paid account registration and activation.

Once your account is activated you will be able to login and start your Airtime purchases, data Subscription etc from your RAGP VTU Wallet.
Thanks for reading this detailed registration guide of recharge and get paid. Have you tried this VTU Business? Use the comment box, let us know if it worked for you.

Click Here  To Contact Me on WhatsApp for Recharge and get paid registration


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