Million Money Review and Registration Procedure

In this blogpost, i'm going to do a detailed Million Money Review and also show you the Million Money Registration Procedure.

But First, What is Million Money?

Million Money Ethereum is a DApp, decentralized App deployed on the Ethereum block chain and make you money based on a certain algorithm that shares the revenue to the members of the project.
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Some Cool Features of the Million Money Project

1. It's a decentralized App so no one can stop it.
2. Signup fee is relatively low and anyone can afford it, you can google "0.03 Eth to Naira" to know the current sign up fee amount in Naira.
3. The concept is so simple, it's all about Crowdfunding.
4. Every Contract renews after every 100 days, so you continue to earn over and over again.
5. All your downlines follows you in your matrix, so when your matrix renews, your downline's also renews
6. Ethereum prices can increase astronomically and this can make your earnings sky rocket.

How Million Money Works and The Million Money Compensation Plan

Money money Ethereum smart contract is a simple and straight forward program you join with 0.03 eth which is about $7 and you could make 1500 ETH ($200k) within 100 days. To know the current signup fee, just google "0.03 Eth to Naira"

The Million Money Compensation Plan is a  2x10 Matrix. Every new member joing on level 1 after paying the 0.03 eth signup fee. Then you are required to invite just 2 people.

So the concept is simple and straight forward, register with 0.03 Eth and invite just 2 people that will register with 0.03 Eth each. As each members joining continues to do this, members will move from level to level and earnings will increase till each member will earn upto 1500 ETH from their little investment of 0.03 eth.

Detailed explanation of the Million Money Compensation Plan.

Level 1

 Pay 0.03 Eth
 Earn 0.03 Eth x 2 = 0.06 Eth ( N3,054.83 )

Level 2

Pay 0.05 Eth
Earn 0.05 Eth x 4 = 0.2 Eth ( N10,182.78 )

Level 3

Pay 0.1 eth
Earn 0.1 x8 = 0.8 Eth ( N40,731.13 )

Level 4

Pay 0.4 eth
Earn 0.4 x 16 = 6.4 Eth ( N325,849.02 )

Level 5 

Pay 1 Eth
Earn 1 Eth x  32 = 32 Eth ( N1,629,245.12 )

Level 6

Pay 2.5 Eth
Earn 2.5 Eth x 2 = 5 Eth ( N254,569.55 )

Level 7

Pay 5 Eth
Earn 5 Eth x 4 = 20 Eth ( N1,018,278.20 )

Level 8

Pay 10 Eth
Earn 10 Eth x 8 = 80 Eth ( N4,073,112.80 )

Level 9

Pay 20 Eth
Earn 20 Eth x 16 = 320 Eth ( N16,292,451.20 )

Level 10

Pay 40 Eth
Earn 40Eth x 32 = 1280 Eth ( N65,169,804.80 )

Million Money Registration

There are 3 basic steps involved in million Money registration.

1. Download trust wallet through which you can automatically pay your level upgrade fee and also accept level payments from your downlines.

Click Here to download and install the trustwallet App on your mobile phone, write down the 12 phrase secret code somewhere, confirm the sequency of the code and your trustwallet is now ready to start sending and receiving fund.

2. Fund your trust wallet with 0.035 eth. You can easily buy ethereum online from remitano or quidax. To get your trustwallet ethereum wallet address, open the trust wallet app you just downloaded on your phone and click on ethereum

Then click on copy to copy the wallet address 

This wallet  address you just copied is what you will send to whoever you are buying the 0.035 eth from.  Click here to Buy your 0.035 eth from me. Don't fund your wallet with 0.03 eth, fund with 0.035 eth so that it can take care of the network fee. Once you have the 0.03 eth in your wallet, the next step is the final step of your Million Money registration.

3. The registration and payment of your level 1 fee of 0.03 eth. Please note that every activity on the million money project will be done through the trust wallet App. So open your trustwallet app, then click on Dapp tab

In the search box enter the ik.million money referral link. copy and paste this link in the search box.

Then change the language to english by clicking on the dropdown at the top right hand corner and select english as your language.

Then Click on register

Once you click on register, the next step is the million money login and you should click on login automatic if you have already funded your trust wallet with 0.03 eth, the 0.03 eth will be paid to your upline automatically and all you do to complete your million money registration at is to approve the payment by clicking on approve.

That is all about the million money registration.

The next step is to get your 2 direct referral and teach them how to do the same steps above to register.

How to get your million money referral link.

Open your trust wallet app, and click on the network icon, then click on copy to copy your referral link.

Million Money Review Conclusion.

Million money is a very interesting and easy way to earn cryptocurrency ethereum. It involves referring people and million money is legit. There are people who don't like referral programs, if you are one of then, you have 2 options, you can join my team and enjoy referrals from spillovers or learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

If you enjoy networking and referring people to programs, you will so much love the ethereum smart contract because once you have built it, you will continue to earn over and over again.

If you will like to know more about the program, join my Million Money Training group on Whatsapp for more info.

Also in my previous reviews, i have written a whole blog post about a very hot telecom business which is built on a networking model to increase your income,  Click on the link for recharge and get paid review.

If you have joined the Million money but looking for ways to get referral, i found a cool article on 7 best places to get referral for your network marketing business, click on the link to check it out.

If you have comments, drop it in the box below. If you have questions you can contact me on WhatsApp on 08095047992


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