How to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria without money or w...

How to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria without money or website.

In this video, you are going to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing in Nigeria. There are lot of people that wants to make money online in Nigeria but just don't know where and how to start.

First what is affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you promote other people's products and you get paid a commission for each sale generated through your unique affiliate link.

So where do you get the product to promote in affiliate marketing? You will get products to promote from affiliate networks like the clickbank, jvzoo, amazon, jumia, konga etc.

While the click bank affiliate network doesn't allow accept nigerians, there is an affiliate network which i highly recommend for nigerians. It' called expertnaire. expertnaire affiliate marketing is very similar to the clickbank. expertnaire was start by Toyin omotoso and internet marketer in Nigeria.

So how do you make money with affiliate marketing.

First you need a product which you can get from the expertnaire products. Once you have registered on the expertnaire, you will have access to products you can promote as an affiliate marketer and make commission from sale.

So once you have chosen a good expertnaire product to promote as an affiliate, the nest thing is to get your affiliate link for the product. Once you get the link, it will look like a long string of characters and you need to shorten it with a link shortening service like the or

The purpose of shortening your affiliate link is to make it easy to copy and send to your buyers.

Once you have your shortened affiliate link ready, you can start driving traffic to your expertnaire affiliate programs.

But there is one more step before you start blasting your link all over the internet. Getting a lead capture page and autoresponder. You can make use of services such as mailchimp, trafficwave, aweber, aiop etc.

Then the last step is for you to drive traffic to your affiliate link and make commission from sales.
There are various ways you can drive traffic to your affiliate url, by posting on social media, blogging, facebook ads.

Facebook ads affiliate marketing is becoming more and more common because affiliate marketing experts have discovered that facebook has a big population of users and there are many hungry buyers on facebook just waiting for your offers.

so learning how to do facebook ads correctly will make you alot of money with your expertnaire affiliate marketing.

There is a training i recommend for those that want to start affiliate marketing. Like every other businesses, you need to get the right training for you to make money.

72hrincomegenerator or 72hrig is an affiliate marketing training an also one of the hot selling expertnaire products.

72 hour income generator by toyin omotoso will show you how money is being made with affiliate marketing in nigeria. You will learn the products to choose, how to promote it, how to set up your marketing campaigns, how to drive traffic, how to capture leads etc.

Since the clickbank doesn't accept Nigerians, starting your affiliate marketing in nigeria with expertnaire is your best option. There are lot of expertnaire reviews that shows members making money on the platform. Expertnaire pays members every Friday through the bank account attached to your expertnaire affiliate profile.

Joining the expertnaire is not free, you will be required to pay a yearly fee of 10,000 naira but when get the 72 hour income generator, you will be given alot of bonuses top among which includes the 2 years free membership into the expertnaire worth 20,000 naira.

This is a huge time and money saver. If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, Consider learning through the 72 hours income generator and you will reduce your learning curve. You don't need to waste money doing trial and error because what you are learning in the affiliate marketing training videos are what works. You will see it live how money is being made and how you can just copy and start making money through affiliate marketing also.
So click on the link above and join the 72 hours income generator and start making money online with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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