how to make money online in Nigeria with your Android Phone

how to make money online in Nigeria with your phone

In this video, i'm going to show you how to make money online in Nigeria with your phone.
Alot of people don't know they can make money online with their mobile phones. So instead of just taking and posting selfies only with your mobile phone, you can make money with it through a program called viraltrend.

Viraltrend is the platform we are going to be using to make money online with mobile phone in Nigeria.

What is viral trend?
Viraltrend is a social media marketing company where you can make money online in nigeria with your mobile phone by performing social media tasks.

Tasks like liking post on facebook, share and comment, tweet on twitter, retweets, follow on instagram, like, and comment. Subcribe to youtube channel, watch video, like and comment.

You already know how to do most of these tasks so why not make money with in online in nigeria with your mobile phone.

So let's login to the viraltrend platform and see how it works.

Once you login to the viraltrend website, you will see tasks you can perform to make money online. Click on accept task, then click on perform task button. Once you have done the tasks successfully, your wallet be credited automatically.

i have shown you in the video how to perform instagram like task, instagram follow task.

Also i have shown in the video how to withdrawal the money you earned on the platform to your bank account.

The minimum withdrawal is 2,500 naira and you can withdraw daily once you have earned upto to that amount of money.

To join, the viraltrend and make money online in nigeria with your mobile phone, click on the link in the description and register as a promoter. There are 2 basic packages, basic which is 500 naira and premium which is 2,500 naira.

As you can see i'm on the premium package. The viral trend can also be used to advertise your products but that is what this video is all about so i will not talk about that aspect in this video.

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I hope you have learn't something in this video and you will implement how to make money online in nigeria with your phone.

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