Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program Review: How To Make Money Online in Nigeria Every Sunday With 1300 Naira

Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program is a news income program  where you can make money online in Nigeria every Sunday with just 1300 Naira! It's not news again that you can get paid to read news online in Nigeria, but what is new is the Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program which is a very low startup income program. With the (WAP) Wakanda Affiliate Program, you can easily make money online in Nigeria reading news articles, commenting and posting on Facebook with just your smart phone or Android Phone.
The number one unique thing in this review about the Wakanda.ng Affiliate program is, it's the most reliable news income program that pays weekly every Sunday!
Now you are asking if i'm kidding you?
You heard me right!
You will get paid atleast 4,000 Naira to read news, comment and post on Facebook weekly. There are lot of  Nigerian Graduates, Students, House Wives etc looking for a Business that they can start with little Capital and Make money Online.If you are one of them searching online for more sites that pays to read news in Nigeria like NNU Income Program. Then you will find Wakanda Nation affiliate Program very interesting.
You still ask me why?
Well look, Wakanda Nation Affiliate  Program  is not a competitor to the NNU Income Program but seeks to complement it.
You Still ask How?
NNU Income Program pays monthly but Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program pays weekly. So while waiting for the NNU Income payout at the end of the month, you can make cool cash with the Wakanda.ng Affiliate Program weekly too.
I don't need to tell you again that NNU Income is one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria where you get paid monthly to read news, comment and post on Facebook.
With the launch of the Wakanda.ng Affiliate Program (WAP) things has become even easier for a lot of Nigerians!
The daily task to get paid weekly on Wakanda Affiliate Program is super simple and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. If you have never made a dime online before, but you have a mobile phone and internet data subscription, then you can make money weekly on wakanda Affiliate Program.

How does Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program Works?
I think you should know what WIP means before we go on to discuss how the Wakanda Nation Affiliate  Program works.
WIP means Wakanda Income Package and it's a combination of WAD and WAP.
Wakanda Income Package is an initiative of Ladina Integrated Service just like NNU Income belongs to the G-Cyber technologies. It's a Legally registered I.T. business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110.
The Wakanda.ng Office can be found at this Address: Block A47 Royal Estate, Galadimawa, Abuja.
The Wakanda  Income Package works just similar to the NNU Income Program, you will get paid to read news, daily login, commenting and posting on Facebook.
There are 2 different ways you can earn in Wakanda Nation Income Program.

1. WADS meaning Wakanda Adverts Revenue Sharing

2. WAP meaning Wakanda Affiliate Program

How to Make Money on the Wakanda Affiliate Program

There 2 diffrent ways you can earn with the Wakanda Income Package

1. WADS ( Wakanda Adverts Revenue Sharing) There are lot of Companies, Businesses etc that pays Wakanda to advertise on their behalf and Wakanda is going to pay you a certain percentage of that money they got from those comapnies through the wakanda Adverts Revenue Sharing (WADS) once you login to your Wakanda.ng Account daily, share the sponsored post on your facebook timeline and also comment on news articles.
Unlike in NNU Income Program wakanda Nation Pays
50 Naira For Daily Login
50 Naira For Posting on Facebook
1 Naira For every comment on interesting news articles.
But in NNU income Program, News Ads Revenue sharing (NARS) pays
50 Naira For Daily Login 
100 Naira For Posting on Facebook 
 2 Naira For every comment on interesting news articles

2. WAP, Wakanda Affiliate Program. Just like in NNU Income Program, Wakanda Income Package also has a very strong and paying affiliate marketing structure. The Affiliate commission is 1000 Naira per sale of a full Wakanda Income Package. The cost of activation of a full Wakanda Income Package is 1300 Naira.
This program is so awesome! You can't keep it to yourself. Share with your friends and family and earn Affiliate Commission of 1000 Naira per sale

You are asking what is the difference between NNU income program and Wakanda Nation Income Package

There are so many differences between the Wakanda Income and NNU Income.
1. The Sign up fee for Wakanda Income  is 1,300 Naira while that of NNU Income is 1,600 Naira
2. Wakanda Income  pays weekly every Sunday while NNU Income Pays Monthly on 27th of each Month.
3. Wakanda Income pays 50 Naira for posting on Facebook while NNU Income pays 100 Naira
4. Wakanda Income  pays 1 Naira Per comment while NNU Income pays 2 Naira per comment.
5. Minimum payout in Waknada.ng Income is 4,000 Naira while that of  NNU.ng is 5,000 Naira
6. You can private mail other members in wakanda Income

What are the similarities between Wakanda Income Program and NNU Income Program
1. The are both sites that pays to read news in Nigeria
2. They are both legit income program
3. The both Pays
4. They both pay 1,000 Naira per referral
5. They both have low start up cost

You are thinking Which one should i join Now Wakanda  Income Package or NNU Income Program?
Well while the decision to choose which one to join is totally yours to make, the reason for joining any income program is for you to make money online in Nigeria. I will advise you to join both of them. 
Variety is the spice of life. 
You now have option and you can earn more this way!
 You will get paid weekly and you will get paid monthly. 
How Cool is this?

Are you ready to start making money online weekly every Sunday?
Then let see how to Join The Wakanda affiliate Program
1. Click here to Join the Wakanda Nation Affiliate Program
2. once on the Wakanda.ng website Click on Register 

3. On the Next Page Click Register Affiliate Account

4. This is the check out page where you can pay with your ATM Card.

5. Fill your info for Registration, Scroll down and Click on Place Order.

6. On the Next Page Pay for your Order by Clicking on Pay Now

7. Once you Click on Pay Now a Pop up Will appear where you can make Payment with your AtmCard

8. Enter the Number in front of Your AtmCard as the Card Number
9. Enter The date below it as the Valid Date
10. At the back of your card you will see 3 numbers, enter it where you see CVV and click on
Pay N1,300
11. You will be debited only N1,300 for the Wakanda Affilliate Program Activation fee.
12. You will get a welcome email from Wakanda Nation
13. Your Account will be activated immediately and you can now Login and start earning.
How to Withdraw Earnings in Wakanda Affiliate Account  to Your Bank Account.
After joining the Wakanda Affililate program and doing the the daily tasks, you are patiently waiting for Sunday to come and make your first withdrawal to see if wakanda.ng actually pays.
Relax! i will show you how to withdraw your earning now.
There are certain things you need to be aware of before you can get paid on Wakanda Income

1. You must have earned atleast 4,000 Naira within the week
2. Request for withdrawal on or before Midnight on Saturday that is 12:00am

Steps to Withdraw Money on Wakanda Affiliate Program.
1. Login to the Wakanda Nation website
2.Click on My Profile, then Click on Withdraw.

3. Fill the form and make sure you include your Facebook url for them to confirm whether you have being posting the sponsored post on your Facebook timeline.

That is all you need to know about the Wakanda Nation Income program to start making money weekly. You can now see that It's like the nnu income program but pays weekly.
Have you tried the Wakanda Nation Income Program?
Let us know what you think in the comment box.

Wakanda Nation Income Program Proof of  Earnings

Click Here To Join Wakanda Affiliate Program or Click here to see our No 1 recommended progrom


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