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How to do Wakanda Affiliate Program Registration and Fast Account Activation with Coupon code

Wakanda Affiliate program is a get paid to read news online website in Nigeria that pays affiliate members every Sunday. Whatever amount you are able to make during the week be it 50,000 Naira, 10,000 Naira etc, once it's more 4,000 naira, you will get paid.
Making money online in Nigeria with the Wakanda Affiliate Program is so Super simple. You will get paid to read news, daily logins comments and Post on Facebook.
There are still a lot of people in Nigeria that waste money weekly on internet data subscription to read news, post on social media websites like facebook etc but make nothing back. That will change with Wakanda Affiliate Program because you will get paid every Sunday to read news, daily login, post and comment on Facebook.
The wakanda Nation Program has introduced a new Wakanda Payment system for Affiliate members to easily register and start making money online in Nigeria with the program. Before Now the payment option available for affiliate account activation is Direct bank deposit. This means of payment was manual and very slow.
To speed up and ease the affiliate Account Activation on Wakanda nation, 2 other options were introduced in july 2018
1. Automatic Online payment with Your ATM debit Card of any Bank
2. Wakanda Coupon code from Authorized wakanda Coupon Vendors

The direct Bank deposit option for Wakanda Affiliate Program Registration has been stopped and new Affiliate members about to join the Wakanda Nation should take note of this.
Steps To Register and Activate Your Wakanda Affiliate Program Fast.
First you need a Wakanda Coupon Code for your Affiliate Account Activation. See below List and Contact of Wakanda Coupon code Vendors
1. Armstrong Ophoke, Call/WhatsApp, 08149702181.
2. Ezinna Ogbu, Call/WhatsApp,08105708566
3. Vincent Tochukwu, Call/WhatsApp, 09030612275
4. Afees Adepoju, Call/WhatsApp, 08108773588
5. Constance Chimdiya, Call/WhatsApp, 08136782765
6. Sunflow Nwoha, Call/WhatsApp, 08165652091
7. Joseph Peters, Call/WhatsApp, 08157662660
Follow this format to buy from any of the Wakanda Coupon code Vendors, it's just 1,300 Naira.
How to chat with Wakanda Coupon Code Vendor
Tip**** Make Sure The Vendor is Online on WhatsApp before you make payment and chat with him/her to be sure you can get your Coupon Code immediately.****Hi Do you still have Wakanda Coupon code for sale?

If the response is no, then chat with another agent.
Hi Do you still have Wakanda Coupon code for sale?
If the response is Yes,
Then ask for account details for payment like this
"Can you please send your account details, i want to make
payment for 1 Wakanda Coupon Code"
Once the Vendor send his account number, then make the payment
and copy your debit alert or transaction details or even make a screenshot of the transaction.
Get back to the Vendor on Whatsapp and send this
"I just made payment of 1,300 Naira to your account. This is the details of the transaction"
Name of Account you used to pay:
Transaction Id/Ref
Mode of payment/ ATM/Mobile transfer/Cash deposit
attach your screenshot.
After that, send this to the Agent
"Can you confirm the payment and send my coupon code"
Then Vendor will send your Coupon code once the payment has been received
The coupon code will look something like this


Once you get your coupon codes, then follow the steps below to complete your Affiliate registration and start earning on wakanda Nation

1. Click here to start wakanda Affiliate Registration
2. Once on the page Click on Register

3. On the Next Page Click Register Affiliate Account

4. This is  the check out page, If you have a Coupon Code already, then follow the step below

Click on Click here to enter your Coupon Code5. In the box below it, enter your coupon code and Click Apply Coupon.
6. Then Fill the Account info section with your email, username and password
7. scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click on Place Order
8. You will get a welcome email from Wakanda
9. Once Your Account has been Activated, You can now Login and start earning.
How to make Money On Wakanda Affiliate Program
Once Your Account has been activated,
You will earn 50 naira daily to post on Facebook
You will earn 50 Naira daily to Login
You will earn 2 Naira per comment
You will earn 1,000 Naira per Sale.

I wish you happy earning.
If you find this blog post helpful or have any question, you can leave a comment below in the comment box.


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