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How to Your Computer To Autopilot Money Generator With Computta Mining Software

Computta Smart Miner is a software you can use to start printing money on your computer everyday 24/7. With Computta smart miner you can easily turn any computer into a money making machine from home and the good thing about the computta mining is it's 100% free. You can run Computta Smart Miner in the background while you work on other programs on your Computer without any interference and the Computta Mining software will continue to make money for you on autopilot.

If you have being looking for a money making software that is totally free and can make you money on autopliot, then Computta mining is the best!

Please take note that the money computta mining is making for you free with your computer is not physical cash but some sort of digital cryptocurrency called bitcoin.
Actually what the computta mining does is mine bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency but can easily be converted to cash through any currency exchange website. To earn this free bitcoin daily with your computer, all you have to do is register on the Computta smart miner website, then download and install smart miner software on your computer, run the bench mark and start earning.
Once you keep the Computta smart miner running on your computer, you will get paid to leave your Computer running 24/7.

There are 2 ways to earn free bitcoin every second with the Computta mining; Sell GPU processing power and Computta affiliate referral program.

So What Is Computta Mining?
Computta is a bitcoin mining software that was develop by a group of cryptocurrency experts, it's so easy to use the Computta mining and anyone can earn free bitcoin on autopilot with this bitcoin mining software. By running the computta smart miner on your computer, you are actually selling your computer processing power and you will get paid to leave your computer running 24/7

How Does Computta Mining Work?
Bitcoin mining with Computta smart miner requires no prior experience or expertise in Cryptocurrrency mining. It's so easy that you can setup and start earning free bitcoin in 10-30 minutes with Computta Mining.
The good thing about the Computta Mining is, it's absolutely free!
Once you download the computta smart miner software, you install on your computer, run the benchmark and stat earning.
It's as simple as that!
Runing the computta smart miner doesn't interfere with the smooth running of other programs on your computer. There are various settings you can use to set the amount of Computing Power
of your Computer you want to sell at a particular time

Computta Register.

1. Click here to Signup
Once on the website, Click “Sign Up” and on the next page

2. Enter your email and a password to get started.

3. Then tick i accept terms and conditions, tick i'm not a robot and click on "Register"

Once you have completed the Computta register and created an account you’ll be taken to your account dashboard.

The first thing you want to do after the Computta register is enter your bitcoin wallet to start receiving your earnings.

To do this, Click on "Profile" drop down menu and click on "Payment Settings"Scroll down and enter your bitcoin wallet address in the box provided and click save.

Computta smart miner download for Computer windows x64
The Computta smart miner software is only available for windows x64 computers so there is no computta smart miner 32 bit.  To download Computta smart miner windows x64, login to your dashboard, you will see the first tab on the left is "download smart miner" click on it, the file is about 65.42M

How To Install Computta Smart Miner
After downloading the computta smart miner, the next step is to install the bitcoin mining software on your computer to start earning free bitcoin every second.

So follow the steps below to install the computta smart miner on your computer.

1. Double-click on the downloaded Computta windows-x64.exe software to start the install and follow the install wizard to complete, will take 1 minute only. Keep clicking "Next" and wait for it to finish installing. Once it has finished, ensure you tick "Run Computta" and click "Finish"

2. The next step is the Bench Mark to determine how much your computer can earn you by performing cryptocurrency computing in the background.
Before clicking “Start Benchmark” ensure that your PC isn’t running programs or games in the background because your PC may become very slow during the benchmark as it stresses your system to 100% to see what its capabilities are to determine how much you can earn with your computer computing power.

3. Click on Start Bench Mark, you will be required to enter your email and password you used for Computta Register earlier when you created your account. Once the bench mark process is completed, you will be able to see how much your computer can earn you. Just click on "start earning" to begin your bitcoin mining.

Computta Smart Miner Settings
Once you have done the bench mark and clicked on start earning, You should be able to see the setting panel on your Computta mining. You have 5 options there
100% Computta Mining which is using 100% of your computing power for bitcoin mining
 90% Computta Mining which is using  90% of your computing power for bitcoin mining
 50% Computta Mining which is using  50% of your computing power for bitcoin mining,
Smart Computta Mining which is allowing the Computta smart miner to determine the best amount of computing power you can use for bitcoin mining,and
Off  Computta Mining which is using  0% of your computing power for bitcoin mining

How Much Will I Earn with the Computta Smart Miner?
Your earnings with the computta mining depends on a number of factors and the easiest way to know exactly how much you can earn is to run the bench mark. Also know that you can multiply your earnings through the 5 tier affiliate referral program of computta mining. You will earn 10% of 
the computing power of your direct referrals.
Other factors that affect your earnings include.
• The hardware’s capabilities of your Computer
• How long you will be runing Computta mining daily
• The price of the currency you’re mining
• Btc/Usd  exchange rate
• The price of USD to your local currency
• Total number of referrals you have because you get a percentage of their earnings too.

Computa Affiliate Referral Program
Computta mining has an affiliate referral program that you can use to multiply your earnings.
It's a 5 tier program

  1. Your directly sponsored members to the computa mining Affiliate referral program will be placed under you on Level1 and you get 10% of their earnings
  2. Those sponsored by your Level 1 donwlines will be placed on your level 2 and you get 5% of their computta mining earnings
  3. Those sponsored by your Level 2 donwlines will be placed on your level 3 and you get 5% of their computta mining earnings
  4. Those sponsored by your Level 3 donwlines will be placed on your level 4 and you get 3% of their computta mining earnings
  5. Those sponsored by your Level 4 donwlines will be placed on your level 5 and you get 2% of their computta mining earnings

Computta Withdraw.
Computta mining minimum withdraw is 5mBTC and to make a withdrawal, just click on the "Payments Tab", scroll down and click on the green button "Payme". Computta mining  Charges a certain fee for each withdraw.

Computta Payment Proof.

Haven seen what the computta smart miner is and how to easily make free money on autopilot with your computer, I will advice you give the Computta mining and see how easy it is to make money with the bitcoin mining software.You can run the computta smart miner in the background while you work on other program to earn free bitcoin every second.


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