Prolink media Review: How To Make 5000 Naira Daily Online With Prolink Media Donation Platform

Prolink media is a guaranteed way to make 5,000 Naira daily online without stress! With the Prolink media, all you have to do daily is provide help of 5,000 Naira and within 24 hours, you will get help of 10,000 Naira back. The Prolink media donation program is reliable, paying and fastest growing in Nigeria.
The prolink media provide and get help donation program was launched for the sole aim of eradicating poverty in Nigeria.

Students who participate in Prolink Media can make 5,000 Naira daily without stress and have more time for studies.
Workers who participate in Prolink media will make extra 5,000 Niara daily to spend on family and whatever things they cherish.
Housewives who participate in Prolink media can make 5,000 Naira daily from home. 
Retirees who participate in Prolink media can make 5,000 Naira daily without lifting a finger.

Wow! the Prolink media is so powerful, simple and yet reliable way to make 5,000 Naira daily.

Prolink Media Testimonies already flying around and any right thinking individual will not wait to hear from friends and family but be the one to share with them.

This is real! The Prolink media donation program is paying!

No time to waste or dull yourself, this is how Prolink media works.

Each person registers by filling the form on the Prolink media website and after successful registration, you will be matched to pay another participant in the program 5,000 Naira.
After payment, you will upload proof of payment and once it's confirmed, you are eligible to receive 5,000 naira donation or payment with in 24 hours from two other participants in the program which sum up to 10,000naira.

To ensure the program continue to run and remain paying for a long time, there is a recommitting of 5,000 naira. That means out of the 10,000 Naira you received, you have to donate 5,000 Naira again and in within 24 hours, you will still get another 10,000 Naira payment.

How to join Prolink Media Donation Program

Click here to Join the Prolink Media,

once on the website, Click on register and on the next page, tick YES THE 5,000 NAIRA IS READY.
Then fill the form with your details.
Take note that your password must contain one capital letter, one small letter and one number.
At the bottom of the page, you will see how did you hear about the prolink media?
Click "from someone"
Then for who introduced you to Prolink media, enter "Laptoplife"

 Finally, click on Register.

This is it!
You will receive an email that you have successfully joined the Prolink Media.

All you have to do afterwards is wait for you to be matched and you pay the 5000 naira.

Let see how the Prolink Media Dashboard works and how you can navigate the website.

Once you login on to your dashboard, by clicking on the Account Area Tab, you can change your password, see your account details etc

Also, once you login to your Prolink media dashboard, by clicking on the Control Panel Tab, you can see your matching info, payment confirmation, payment Proof, Renewal

How to make a donation on Prolink Media.

Once you login, Click on the Control Panel tab and on the drop down menu, click on Matching Info.
The matching info will show you the details of the person you are paying the 5000 naira. Copy the details, make the payment and make a screenshot of the the payment.
Then click on payment proof and upload the payment proof.

How to Confirm payments you received on Prolink media

Once you login, click on the Control Panel Tab and make sure you already received payment before you will do this.
Then on the control panel drop down menu, click on payment confirmation.

That is all about Prolink media so register and start making 5000 naira daily.

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