Fivebuxk update 2018: How To make 2000 Naira Daily Online in Nigeria.

Based on the number of questions people are asking me about the fivebuckx program, i have decided to do this video to address some of the important questions about the fivebuckx program and the updates on fivebuckx for 2018.

Some of the questions include;
Do you need to have more than one fivebuckx account?

What happens to your old referral or invite link when you complete your fivebuckx matrix?

 How do you earn of fivebuckx?

How do you get auto referrals on fivebuckx? etc

Watch the video below for 2018 update on fivebuckx. Don't know what is fivebuckx?
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    FROMGLORYTOGLORY (FG2G) is a newly launched programmable system, which was developed by NEO CYBERTECH SOLUTIONS LIMITED. An IT company registered in Nigeria.


    The goal is to move people from Glory of low income to Glory of Financial Freedom through a very simple and cheap online earning program.


    Register with a one time payment of N200 and start earning without referring anyone!

    I will provide you with referrals and add people under you automatically!

    There is no delay in payment, you get all your earnings paid to your local bank account within 24hours just with a click.

    STAGE 1
    Level 1: N150
    Level 2: N900
    Total: N1,050
    Upgrade with N550
    You earn N500

    STAGE 2
    Level 1: N450
    Level 2: N3,150
    Total: N3,600
    Upgrade with N1,600
    You earn N2,000

    STAGE 3
    Level 1: N1,500
    Level 2: N9,000
    Total: N10,500
    Upgrade with N5,500
    You earn N5,000

    STAGE 4
    Level 1: N4,500
    Level 2: N27,000
    Total: N31,500
    Upgrade with N11,000
    You earn N20,500

    STAGE 5:
    Level 1: N9,000
    Level 2: N63,000
    Total: N72,000
    Upgrade with N22,000
    You earn N50,000

    STAGE 6
    Level 1: N15,000
    Level 2: N135,000
    Total: N150,000
    Upgrade with N50,000
    You earn N100,000

    STAGE 7
    Level 1: N45,000
    Level 2: N270,000
    Total: N315,000
    Upgrade with N115,000
    You earn N200,000

    STAGE 8
    Level 1: N90,000
    Level 2: N675,000
    Total: N765,000
    Upgrade with N265,000
    You earn N500,000

    STAGE 9
    Level 1: N150,000
    Level 2: N1,800,000
    Total: N1,950,000
    Upgrade with N450,000
    You earn N1,500,000

    STAGE 10
    Level 1: N300,000
    Level 2: N2,700,000
    Total: N3,000,000
    Upgrade with N1,000,000
    You earn N2,000,000

    STAGE 11
    Level 1: N900,000
    Level 2: N5,400,000
    Total: N6,300,000
    Upgrade with N1,300,000
    You earn N5,000,000

    STAGE 12
    Level 1: N1,500,000
    Level 2: N6,300,000
    Total: N7,800,000
    Upgrade with N1,800,000
    You earn N6,000,000

    Registration is ongoing
    Join the moving train


    STEP 1: Click on the link to get started.

    STEP 2: Fill in your details correctly during the registration.

    STEP 3: Once you complete your registration, login to your account.

    STEP 4: Click on the icon at the top.

    STEP 5: Click on Transfer to view the list of verified agents.

    STEP 6: Contact any of the verified agents via whatsapp for funding of your account.

    STEP 7: Make your payment of N200 on time and notify the agent to get your account funded immediately.

    STEP 8: Once it is funded with N200 successfully, login to your account.

    STEP 9: Click on the icon at the top and click on Upgrade Account.

    STEP 10: Always login and check your email daily.

    Join FG2G today and start making legitimate money online in Nigeria without referring anyone!


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